Christoph Andreas Pelczar
Sound Artist and Sound Designer based in London, United Kingdom

//. Christoph Andreas Pelczar is a London based sound artist and sound designer currently examining the intersection between sound and the object via sculpture and installation.

//. Ongoing projects revolve primarily around questions of identity, happiness, and fulfilment in capitalist society. Non-sense, absurdism and illogic stemming from Dada, Fluxus, and the Theatre of the Absurd are utilised to create subversive narratives which, through a survey of existentialist notions, question the political status quo.

//. These narratives also demonstrate how society is manipulated into a perpetual state of production, consumption and ‘growth’ by neoliberal agents, which eventually lead to self-destructive forms of living. Specifically, the use of voice is integral to the pieces; sculpture and video on the other hand allow the visual fabrication of additional ‘layers’ suitable for (mis)interpretation. 

//. Past works include an audio-visual installation at Gallery 46, a video sculpture at ‘Invisible Justice (LCC)’, a performance piece in a number of Lidls and large scale sound sculpture left in his basement.


//. Moreover, Christoph is a sound engineer with extensive knowledge in live and studio based audio application (for past projects click here).

//. Finally, Christoph would like to point out that he believes it is rather weird to write in third person, but he will pretend someone else wrote this text, as this seems to be the usual convention. He is also afraid of his own wardrobe and has an arbitrary fondness for squirrels.

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