Do you smell that? Something Fishy aims to not only irritate your nose, but also attempts to suggest that something is slightly off with our commodity based society. Drawing from conclusions reached by critical theorists Adorno and Marcuse, the piece examines consumer behaviour by providing free samples of sardines. However, be careful; it might be a trap.  


Something Fishy (2019)
First iteration, 0’18”

Subjects are made to conform, they are ritualistically induced into a life of the ever-same, into a commodity culture in which the acquirement of the same schemes of experience are essential for social survival and acceptance as they are crucial for the social recognition required for existence.

Hans-Herbert Kögler, 2006 

Music and Identity:
Adorno and the Promise of Popular Culture

Practice based research project in olfactory sound art. Created as a response to Theodor W. Adorno’s ‘Essays on Music’ as well as Herbert Marcuse’s ‘Some Social Implications of Modern Technology’; An attempt to disrupt the ‘ever-same’ and the ‘standardization of thought’, perpetuated by the cogent ‘advanced industrial society’. 

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