‘Sonore Stimme/BANG’ is an audio-visual sculpture which illustrates the inherent domination and repression of nature and society through ‘just’, ‘ordinary’ and ‘rational’ capitalist frameworks. A lone speaker takes on the fight by voicing its explosive opinion. Who will win? Stay tuned for more news after a short break!


Sonore Stimme /BANG (2019)

First iteration, 0’60”


»Sei still! Ich steig schon ein, irgendwo ist immer Platz ... ja ... ja, sei nicht böse, bete für mich!«


Er nahm das Gepäck, stieg irgendwo in eine offene Tür, drehte von innen das Fenster herunter und beugte sich noch einmal hinaus, während über ihm die sonore Stimme wie eine Wolke von Schleim schwebte: »Der Zug fährt ab ...«


 “Be quiet! I’ll get on all right, there’s always a spot somewhere … yes … yes, don’t be upset, pray for me!”


He grasped his pack, boarded somewhere through an open door, let down the window from inside, and leaned out once more, while overhead the resounding voice hung like a cloud of sludge: “The train is now leaving.…”


Heinrich Böll, 1949

Der Zug war pünktlich 

(The Train Was on Time)

Two channel audio-visual sculpture, an homage to Heinrich Böll. Created as a response to Herbert Marcuse’s ‘One Dimensional Man: Studies in the Ideology of Advanced Industrial Society’; an attempt to illustrate the domination and repression of nature and society by ‘rational’ capitalist frameworks.

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